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fetal development

Week 1 Last Menstrual Period.

Week 2 When Conception occurs, the baby’s features, including sex, hair, and eye color, are determined.

Week 3 Baby attaches to the uterus. 

Week 4 Nerves, brain, and spinal cord begin to develop. 

Week 5 The baby’s heart begins to beat.

Week 6 Eyes, arms, legs, lungs, and stomach begin to form. 

Week 7 Hands and feet are forming.
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Week 8 Upper lip, teeth, fingers, and ears begin to form.  

Week 9  Toes and genitals are forming.


Week 10 Baby has permanent fingerprints.

Week 11 Baby starts to produce urine. 

Week 12 Fingernails are forming.  
fig5a-s fig6a-s fig8a-s

3.5 Months
fig11a-s fig13a-s fig18a-s fig19a-s

4 Months The baby can hear sounds, including his or her mother’s heartbeat.
fig1a-s fig14a-s

5 Months
fig3a-s fig4a-s fig17a-s

6 Months

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